EPS in any dimensions desired.

Need strips, beams, or blocks? We cut tempex to size. Did you know that styrofoam is also suitable as packaging material? That is why we provide customised packaging solutions.
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Fles prosecco en twee glazen verpakt in piepschuim waaruit met een contoursnijmachine de juiste vorm is gesneden.

Tempex protects your product.

EPS is often used as packaging material. And with good reason. It is a light product that offers flexibility of shape and good protection during transportation of your product. De la Roy has a great deal of experience in providing packaging solutions. Big or small. For example, we produced packaging for wine bottles, complete with cut-outs. And we developed packaging material for a crane cabin and a submarine.

Rode cirkel met wit potlood en witte geodriehoek die samen maatwerk in tempex verpakkingen symboliseren.
Customised EPS

Do you need strips, sheets or blocks of polystyrene foam of specific dimensions?

For example, for use as a basic packaging material? We cut EPS to size. We can do this in small and large quantities and in almost every conceivable size.

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Rode cirkel met witte producten die samen de verpakkingen symboliseren die je van EPS kunt maken.

Airpop is extremely suitable as a protective packaging material.

We specialise in customised packaging, even when complex shapes with excesses are required. We are happy to come up with ideas about the design and are able to deliver a complete packaging product, including box and pallet.

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Our projects

A picture is worth a thousand words. See here the many special designs that we have already realised using EPS. Inspired? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.

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Create your own artwork.

Whatever you can conceive, we can make. Contact us and we would be happy to assist.