You can rely on EPS.

Tempex is popular in the construction industry. Not only does the material offer flexibility of shape and does it have good insulating properties, it is also highly suitable for the production of building elements for residential construction, (counter-) moulds for concrete construction, and foundation formwork.
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Concrete construction

We specialise in making EPS moulds and reverse moulds for concrete construction.

Examples include formworks for pillars, abutments and side walls for bridges, but also EPS filling blocks for prefabricated T and L beams. The beams can be scaled at the intermediate supports and abutments in just a fraction of the normal time. It is also possible to give the moulds or filler blocks a smooth finish so that they separate easily from the concrete. Examples include a fibre-reinforced plate with gel coat, possibly in combination with flexible three-ply, shuttering plywood or a polyurethane coating. EPS offers freedom of form, which mean we can practically make any mould in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
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Rode cirkel met witte tekening die een funderingsbekisting van EPS symboliseert.
Foundation formworks

EPS is extremely suitable for making foundation formwork for beams, strips or (round) footings. We offer a number of options:

MegaKist J
MegaKist J is suitable as permanent formwork for pouring beams and footings (on piles). This system consists of separate walls with a glued wooden slat at the top.
Filmpje MegaKist J

MegaKist O

MegaKist O is made up of uniform contour-cut segments. Sliding them together results in a completely closed, round formwork. This formwork is intended for large foundation works on steel, piles and round ring beams. By applying a separate gel coat on the inside, you can use the MegaKist O formwork about two or three times. Otherwise, it will remain as permanent formwork.
Filmpje MegaKist O

EkoKist H and E

These formworks are suitable as a foundation system for residential and non-residential construction on steel. The EkoKist H formwork creates a combination of strip footing and the brick damp course. These formworks are supplied by our sister company Havebo.
Filmpje EkoKist H
Filmpje EkoKist E

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Rood met wit icoon voor EPS woningbouw.
EPS residential construction

EPS in your house? Yes indeed! You can perfectly combine polystyrene foam building elements with a main structure of steel, wood or concrete.

We can supply you with the required prefabricated EPS parts on site. Examples include the foundation, floor and roof insulation and wall elements. All these components are ready for use by the construction company. Currently, we mainly contribute to the realisation of detached houses and leisure homes for private individuals and construction companies.

Want to know how we work? Check out our full-service step-by-step plan from design to delivery.

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Our projects

A picture is worth a thousand words. See here the many special designs that we have already realised using EPS. Inspired? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.

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