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We make it.

Whether you call it expanded polystyrene, EPS, Styrofoam, Isomo, polystyrene foam or Airpop: the possibilities of this material are endless. A weatherproof work of art? Moulds for construction? Or a gigantic company logo? You name it, we make it!

You name it!

Design products are our speciality. Do you have a design you want to get out there? Bring it on! We will help you every step of the way to the desired end product of expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Explore the options

EPS in any dimensions.

Need strips, beams, or blocks? We cut tempex to size. Did you know that styrofoam is also suitable as packaging material? That is why we provide customised packaging solutions.
Explore the options

You can rely on EPS.

Tempex is popular in the construction industry. Not only does the material offer flexibility of shape and does it have good insulating properties, it is also highly suitable for the production of building elements for residential construction, (counter-) moulds for concrete construction, and foundation formwork.

Our projects

A picture is worth a thousand words. See here the many special designs that we have already realised using EPS. Inspired? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project.


A positive review from a satisfied client
Buitelaar Houtconstructies in Nieuw-Bergen makes wooden boxes, crates and export packaging, amongst others. The company operates with quick turnaround times. We produced an EPS application for one of their orders. It is clear from the review that this client is happy with our service: “Very satisfied with the quick delivery. And the goods were delivered very neatly packaged.” More on this project soon!

Review from a satisfied client
We know how to apply the extensive uses of Styrofoam better than anyone does. It is even suitable as a swimming pool cover. We developed that solution for Rien Stas of STAS Picture Hanging Systems. That earned us a positive review: “My experience with De la Roy was that they work quickly and decisively, and they provide input for an efficient solution.”

Review of a successful project
Bloeme Groenewold graduated from the Design Academy with her Sense of Place project. We produced a number of elements out of Styrofoam for the project. Her review shows that we succeed in respect of service and speed: “I am very satisfied with the result and the speed with which you assisted me. And you were always available to respond to my queries.”

Glowing review about collaboration and quality
Asking the right questions and giving advice on that basis. Those are the first steps to developing a customised solution. For example, the packaging we produced for the plastic displays of Plano Plastics in Veldhoven. In a review, they wrote: “After a pleasant introduction, we had this EPS box developed on the advice of De la Roy. It provides optimal protection during transportation and limits damage in transit to a minimum. We are very impressed with the collaboration and the quality delivered. Reason enough for us to do business with De la Roy again.”

An awesome review
Hashtag #vet. You could hardly miss it at Bureau Vet’s knowledge event about inbound marketing in Boxmeer. As it happens, the 3D-hashtag was used as decor on stage. The online marketing agency commissioned us to cut the letters out of EPS100. And they were absolutely chuffed with the result according to a review by Project Manager Wietske Hendriks-Huigevoort: “De La Roy made awesome letters for our first event, Vet Talks Inbound.”

Short and sweet, a good review
The letters for the name Logistics Court Schiphol. We made those on behalf of construction company Aan de Stegge Twello B.V. Alwin Smeenk, Project Manager for the construction company, left a short but powerful review on our website about collaborating with us: “Great company to work with.”

A positive review from a construction consortium
We regularly supply various tempex products for prestigious construction projects. For example, the filling blocks for the Theemsweg route in the Rotterdam Port area. We received a positive review from Bart de Leeuw of the SaVe construction consortium about our collaboration: “De la Roy offers input and delivers quality. The EPS products were delivered as agreed. And if something doesn’t go according to plan, they seek a solution in consultation with you. That way, they achieve a successful partnership.”

Floating target was a hole-in-one
Translating the client's wishes to a unique polystyrene object requires craftsmanship as well as proper communication. At the Delfland golf course in Schipluiden, we managed both. That was clear from the review we received from the client, Vincent Kok: “Clear communication and an end product that exactly met our wishes.”

A five-star review
We supplied 520 2-metre panels of EPS 100 grey to Bauer Groen, a horticulturist and landscaper in Belfeld. The company used them as a base for chalets. Ramon Deenen was very satisfied with our collaboration. In his review, he writes: “Pleasant collaboration. They are flexible and keep to the agreement.” He gives us five stars. Thank you!

A smashing review
“Pleasant and effective collaboration.” That's what Ronny Verhagen of the Pre-Toff swimming pool building company writes. And he even gave us five stars! A smashing review, if you ask us. After all, proper collaboration with the client is essential for optimum results in a project. Our role in this assignment? We provided EPS parts for the floor and sides of a swimming pool, among other things.

Warm words for our letters
Appart, you may recognise the name. This online marketing agency from Roermond designed our website. We, in turn, put our skills to use creating the letters WINGS on behalf of Appart. These now stand outside the comprehensive school of the same name in the Limburg city. In his review of our work, Creative director Paul Cremers has this to say: "De La Roy designed a great project. Craftsmanship, excellent value for money and delivered on time."

Stars Instead of Words
Five stars without accompanying text on Google. That's all event organiser Thinc Ahead needed in order to demonstrate its customer satisfaction. We made four sets of large 3D letters for them, which they subsequently used to decorate DeFabrique in Utrecht for the EyeCare Groep event.

Your Logo as a Showpiece

Creating five different 3D versions of a logo is the type of assignment we love. Good reviews, such as this one from Evoke, make us really happy: "We were looking for a partner that could recreate our logo in 3D. It was a considerable challenge, what with the unusual colour and geometrical form. Hardly anyone was up for it, until De La Roy came to the rescue. Perfectly executed - and even with additional free service when a logo suffered a defect during use. Highly recommended!"

ASCONontwerp's Appreciation for Our Partnership

ASCON designs homes built with an EPS system. They also supervise implementation. We have been working with the Utrecht-based firm for many years. Owner Aart Scholtus writes about our collaboration in his review. “De la Roy performs the difficult cutting processes perfectly,” he says. "And provides us with fantastic input.  Scheduling is always on track, and so is the outcome."

Positive feedback about collaborating with us

A good review; yep, that makes us very happy! Like this one about the unique meeting hubs we made for DID Interieurs. "Very nice firm to work with, they think along well and honor the agreements. On to more collaborations, contact with customers is also of paramount importance to them, which is nice to see."

Production options

Bij gloeien wordt een blok wit poepschuim met gloeiend hete draden in platen gesneden.

Quick and easy horizontal and vertical EPS cutting in any desired thickness, width and height.

Non-complex shapes from EPS, such as beams or blocks. For this, we use our annealing machines. The tensioned filaments of these machines become so hot that they smoothly cut any desired shape from EPS. The conveyor belt ensures that the filaments cut through the EPS blocks at a controlled rate. The higher the quality of the material, the hotter the filaments. That temperature ranges between 140 and 190 degrees Celsius.


Want to know more about the production options? Please contact us on +31 (0)492 37 00 67 or send an e-mail at

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Met de contoursnijmachine gesneden vormen in een blok tempex.
Contour cutting

We can easily cut any contours from EPS, such as a cylinder, cone or diamond.

With the advanced computer-controlled contour cutting machine, we can cut all kinds of shapes from EPS, ranging from letters to cylinders, as well as conical and twisted EPS foam products measuring up to 8 x 2.5 x 5 metres in size. The red-hot wire easily finds its way through the polystyrene foam. The portals that keep the filament tensioned can move independently from each other. This enables us to create complex shapes with ease.

Want to know more about the production options? Please contact us on +31 (0)492 37 00 67 or send an e-mail at

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Een freeskop van de freesmachine geeft hakt deeltjes piepschuim met precisie weg.

The 5-axis milling machine is extremely accurate and mills the most complex 3D shapes from polystyrene foam.

Our 5-axis milling machine is fully computer-controlled. When the programme starts, the robot arm retrieves the selected milling head. The tooling warehouse has no fewer than sixteen different heads. This way, we can mill basic and complex 3D products of up to 10 x 4 x 2 metres in size, non-stop. The milling machine is accurate up to the millimetre, making it ideal for complex shapes and parts that need to connect seamlessly. The machine can also make spherical shapes and double curves.


Want to know more about the production options? Please contact us on +31 (0)492 37 00 67 or send an e-mail at

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De spuiter voorziet artwork van tempex van een paars-blauwe coating.

The finishing touch. We give your EPS object the right finish. With optional hard coating and in any desired colour.

Varying finishes are possible for your product.


For example, we can provide EPS with a sheeting material that we can print with any desired photo print. We can also finish products with shuttering plywood or a fibre-reinforced plate with gel coat, possibly in combination with flexible three-ply. The latter finishes are perfectly suited for EPS filler blocks or single-curved (reverse) moulds in construction.

We also specialise in coating. In our in-house spray booth, we finish the EPS eye-catchers with one or more layers of coating in any desired RAL or NCS colour. Not only does the coating ensures that your product is given a shiny finish, but it also protects against environmental influences.

Choose from different coatings:

  • Water-based latex: no protective layer, but an attractive colour nonetheless.
  • Polyurea coating: a solid coating with the structure of an orange peel. Thanks to this protective layer, your logo, stage piece or mock-up of your product can withstand the fury of the elements.
  • Polyurethane coating: just like the polyurea coating, extremely durable. The difference? Polyurethane has a nice smooth finish, giving your EPS foam product that permanently sleek look.

After coating EPS with polyurea or polyurethane and the application of a finishing coat, there is also the possibility to affixing stickers with prints or logos on the object.

Want to know more about the production options? Please contact us on +31 (0)492 37 00 67 or send an e-mail at

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Wit piepschuim dat in de compactor tot rollen is geperst, zodat het gerecycled kan worden.

Thanks to the compactor, we recycle our own polystyrene foam leftovers.

With the compactor, we prepare remnants of EPS for reuse. In this machine, scraps of polystyrene foam are ground and compressed into rolls measuring one metre in length. The compactor consists of three parts:

  • A shredder that chops up the EPS remnants.
  • A thirty cubic metre silo in which the chunks are stored.
  • A worm wheel that compresses the chunks into rolls.

When the silo is completely full of polystyrene foam leftovers, it takes about four hours to process them into rolls. The rolls are then collected and used as raw material for XPS.

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