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Build your own sustainable home with tempex panels

Showing people that it’s possible to build your own home in a high-quality, sustainable and affordable manner. That’s the mission of Bouwzelfeenhuis.

Saving time with a smart idea

We often find ourselves cutting fifty 10mm boards from a single block of EPS with our foam cutters in just a single pass.

Technical tempex: a handy flatpack

It started with a client’s hand-drawn sketch. The end result was a set of two large seating elements made of tempex and MDF sheets for the offices in the World Trade Center in Utrecht.

Avoid damage in transit with tempex

A scratch on a varnished panel. Mangled edges. Furniture can suffer all kinds of damage on the way to a client. You can prevent that with sturdy packaging made of tempex for extra protection.

Group milestone: the Hendrik van Dijk Fonds

In 1994, the Van Dijk Groep wished to support a worthy cause to mark its silver anniversary. That ended up being the construction of the children’s department of Sumve Hospital in Tanzania.

Say it with tempex letters

We love summer, which is why we love to rewatch this 2013 Qmusic video from Belgium.

A blow-up made of tempex

Want to draw extra attention to your products at a trade fair? Then do something your visitors cannot miss. How? Have a blow-up, an enlargement, made out of polystyrene.

Technical tempex: from 2D to 3D

When you translate a 2D logo into a 3D object made of tempex, the logo comes to life. An example of that is this tree: the symbol for Kingspan Moulding.

Summer closure

We will be closed in week 32 and 33. In week 31 we are working with a very small staffing.

Create your own artwork.

Whatever you can conceive, we can make. Contact us and we would be happy to assist.