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Puzzle solutions

See the images for a number of solutions to our De la Roy EPS puzzles.

Blow-up of power formwork

We are not the only ones who recognise the wonderful benefits of Airpop. For example, IsoBouw uses tempex as a base material for insulation products in the construction sector.

Mega filling blocks made of tempex

These mega blocks made of EPS60 are on their way to a contractor in Rotterdam. And this is only 20 percent of the blocks we produced.

Easter eggs in Eindhoven

Easter egg painting, but at expert level. Thirty artists embellished these sanded polystyrene eggs with colourful, artistic paintings.

Dancing piano for Marco Borsato

Did it make the performance even more spectacular? We thought so! As far as we are concerned, the high-gloss white piano with stylish stool was one of the highlights of the series of performances put on by Marco Borsato at the end of May and start of June in De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam.

The use of tempex in sustainable innovation

Floating debris, the waterborne version of litter. Engineering consultancy Tauw in Deventer developed an innovative system for cleaning this type of pollution.

The art of cutting polystyrene

Staffa, a Scottish island that consists entirely of basalt, was the inspiration for John Breed’s wall sculpture of the same name.

Tempex cars

A car made of tempex. For a presentation, or as decor. We have already produced several for different clients. Like the stylish Cabrio in this video.

How do you package a crane cabin?

Providing input for the packaging of an unusual product. And then executing that design for the client ourselves. That required specialist processes with end results of which De la Roy is proud.

Create your own artwork.

Whatever you can conceive, we can make. Contact us and we would be happy to assist.